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Hunter Gatherer

In The Studio painting by Morty Dimondstein

In The Studio painting by Morty Dimondstein

Morty Dimondstein was a painter, sculptor, African arts dealer and teacher, who managed to garner much success in all four endeavors while traveling and studying with his chosen mentors, both in Mexico and Italy.

Committed to the arts, Dimondstein managed to create a haven for himself and fellow artists and students from the mid-century into the 1990s, working tirelessly in his studio. Wether painting, printmaking sculpting or then, one of the first to collect and sell African tribal arts, his appreciation of the aesthetic possibilities within the form drew attention from many different avenues.

Dimondstein studied art with David Alfaro Siqueios (one of the three giants of Mexican muralists) as well as Jose Guitierrez, during one of Mexico’s most creative times in the early 1950s. Years later he went with his growing family to Italy and studied there as well before eventually landing back in Los Angeles.

I met Morty through his teenage children and began modeling for him and his students and fellow artists where my taste for the smell of turpentine and oils began. It was certainly better than art school. I loved hearing him speak softly yet eloquently regarding form, color and portraiture - where he clearly excelled.

This particular piece is a wonderful example of mid-century art at its best, encompassing not only skill but also pathos and a clear vision of society and diversity at that moment in time.

Measurements are 53 inches wide and 37 inches in height and 2 inches deep.
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