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Large Antique Chinese Bamboo Wedding Nesting Crates/Tiered Basket

Large Antique Chinese Bamboo Wedding Nesting Crates/Tiered Basket

Symbolic as a sign of virtue and strength still today in the Chinese culture, bamboo has always been a beloved medium for art, furniture, and the sort! The metalwork that we often associate with Chinese furniture and that was mounted on various types of cabinets and chests was designed to be both functional and decorative. Not only is this mainly made out of bamboo and wood, but also features a beautiful decorative metal handle. Nesting crates, such as these, were designed to be given as wedding gifts to be stuffed with more treasures of the happy couple's favorite items or more home storage. We believe this to be of the Republic Period from China dating back roughly from 1912-1949, another true antique to be passionate about!

As always, this is a vintage item and it shows minor wear particularly on the bamboo and painted sides. These crates measure top to bottom (L) 35.5 x (W) 20.25 inches, each crate is (W) 18.25 x (L) 9.5 inches, and all the crates stacked measure (L) 27.25 inches. This piece may look particularly heavy but despite the size it is quite manageable altogether or even easier if you pull each crate out individually.
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